Photography by MasterFtt

Discover all photography shoot by me the last couple of years. Photography is my passion and I hope you enjoy it.

Artistic Photography

In some of my sessions I want to create a little bit more of “artistic” photography. In this photos I use flashes, lamps or natural lighting creating my own interpretation of Shibari and bondage art.

Improvised Shibari

Very much of what you can se in my photos is 100 procent improvised rope work. I am not tying “technical” Shibari spending time to details or tying slow because of I like a slow tempo. Most of my tying up is very fast and I do my knots and roping in an improvised style. I want the person I am tying up to have a pleasant experience and in my mind the person have that experience when the rope is applied in a speedy but firm past. I want to see it like I am crating a painting each time I am tying up a person. The rope is my brush and colors and the person is the canvas. When photographing my creations the painting is formed and can be displayed for all who wants to see.

Bondage Play

As a dominant person I like to bring in bondage play in some of my sessions. I like the concept of playful domination involving soft and medium hard bondage and beds. Like to include light spanking, breast slapping and a little bit of rough handling of the person I am restraining. It is always mutual playing and the person I am restraining does always like the game and get turned on. Both parties enjoy the playing 50/50.

Rope tying practice

I am a dominant master who likes to dominate my partner when doing rope activities together. The domination is exclusively of sexual nature meaning I like the domination aspect in rope games. It is important for me that the person I am dominating and is tying up likes to be dominated by me and get sexual aroused.

Two Tied

Two is always better than one. When I have the opportunity I always do rope or domination sessions with several persons restrained together. Two bodies can make a lot of rope art and I really like to create improvised rope creations involving two or several women tied up together.