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I am a master and rope artist who likes creative roping. I am also into kinbaku style rope practice. My style is mainly shibari roping. But  I am also into a more mixed creative style of improvised way of restraining the person I am tying up. I got a big passion of photographing my rope work and rope activities. I argue that a tied up woman captured on photo is pure art. My tying up and my photography is my art witch I want to share with the rest of the world. One of my big goals is to share my photos created during my sessions.

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My photography on the internet

I got several places on the internet where I post my work. Please follow me or subscribe for resent updates info.

Older WORK below

2019 and before

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Master Ftt Personal Favorite Photos


Experience MasterFtt favorite photos shoot all time. This photos is selected because of nice lighting, the activity, sexiness, personal taste, sex appeal, body type and so on ...

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