Sleeve tied in bed – 3

Tightly tied and exposed

This tie was influenced by the basic sleeve tie technique. It was an improvised tie based on the concept of tying a sleeve. The hands and thumbs was also involved at the end of the tie. The roping was made with 4 mm jute rope that is fun to work with. Notice in the photos that I was using my new canon lens original ment typ shoot closeups with. But this lens is also usable for shooting ordinary work as well. In part 3 she was finally tied in a tight hogtie connected to her bare feet.

It is fun to do closeup photography – using my new canon lens MACRO 100mm 2.8 L IS USM

This post represent a small fraction of the photos shoot during this session. In my blog postings I SHARE MY SHIBARI AND BONDAGE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR FREE.

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